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Warrensburg community saddened by suicide of 18-year-old student

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — Police identified the Warrensburg High School senior who took his own life Friday morning as Kyle Wittrock, 18.

Police said Wittrock first drove to school where a school employee spotted him in the parking lot inside his car with a long gun around 8 a.m. The employee notified police and the school was placed on lockdown.

When police arrived, Wittrock drove away, stopping about two miles away at a University of Central Missouri parking lot. A resident in the area said several officers surrounded Wittrock in his vehicle with their guns drawn.

“I heard cops yelling, ‘Get on the ground! Get on the ground,’” Trevor Carter said. “Their guns were drawn out, shotguns everywhere, and I heard a couple of bang noises. They might have been shots fired.”

Joe’s Weather Blog: Weekend Storm Lurks

Good morning…

Here comes the wind again! Red Flag Warnings are in effect. Many don’t even know what it means when a Red Flag Warning is issued. It means that a “critical fire danger” is happening or is forecasted to occur as a combination of wind, low humidity levels and sometimes warm temperatures can contribute to an extreme fire danger”.


Today: After a frosty start this morning in parts of the area…skies are forecast to remain sunny for most of the day. Winds which are nearly calm this morning will increase later this morning and then turn gusty this afternoon with winds approaching 30 MPH. The good news is that with the winds out of the south, temperatures will warm into the 70s. Weather for the Royals game will be fine but windy, especially after the 3rd inning or so.

Flash flood leaves man stranded on an island hoping for rescue

CENTERVIEW, Mo. — Flood waters in and around the Warrensburg area caused a traffic headache Thursday morning, and were extremely dangerous for many people who got way too close. The heavy rain proved almost too much for a man near Centerview.

In the early morning hours it was dark; so many drivers could not see that the roads were covered with water. Deep water stranded one man in a dangerous position.

“I just ran into it. I was just driving along and I was in it. I was already caught,” said Ronald Bates.

Bates ran his truck into the torrent on 200th street just off 58 Highway and got into deep trouble.

UCM students on alert after student reports being assaulted on campus

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — For the last two days students at the University of Central Missouri have had many safety concerns. Their worry comes after police say a female student reported being assaulted on campus.

“It’s really scary just to think anyone around you can just do that to you,” said Samantha House, a freshman at UCM.

The victim told investigators around 3 a.m. Monday she was in the laundry room at Houts/Hosey Hall, a coed dormitory, when someone sneaked up behind her and grabbed her.

“A lot of people are talking about it and I think it really is a big deal because someone could’ve got hurt, “said House.

“Right now, I feel safe. I think it’s kind of scary that it happened in a laundry room. All of us go down there to do laundry,” said UCM freshman Christina Ross.

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UCM community riding high and celebrating school’s NCAA championship

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — It was a spectacular win for the University of Central Missouri Mules on Saturday. The Mules stomped West Liberty University 84-77 and captured the NCAA Division II National Championship in men’s basketball.

All across the CMU campus scores of enthusiastic students are celebrated their team’s big win on Monday.

“I’m very proud, I am so glad they won. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said student Galisa Franklin.

It’s UCM’s second NCAA title in 30 years and at the campus book store shirts were flying off the racks, an employee told FOX 4 that large-sized shirts sold out within 45 minutes.

The triumphant victory is also a Warrensburg celebration, making front page news in the city of 19,000 where it’s official; the Mules are the best in the nation.

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Family honors daughter by urging others to commit random acts of kindness

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – When a University of Central Missouri student died in a car crash in early March, it left her family and friends devastated. In the aftermath, Erin Hook’s family set up a Facebook page to honor her life and urge people to pay it forward by doing random acts of kindness.

Erin would have celebrated her 21st birthday Sunday. She and her sorority sister Jennifer Reeder as well a man from Clinton, Mo. named Paul Stankus were all killed after a head-on collision on March 1.

Missourians: Are you sure that car you’re buying doesn’t have a recall?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When we buy a used car most of us pay attention to the mileage, the number of previous owner and whether it has ever been a wreck. But something few consider, is whether the car has been recalled, yet the problem was never fixed.

As FOX 4 Problem Solvers learned, unfixed recalls are one of the biggest potential hazards on the used-car market and Missouri is one of the top states for selling cars online with unfixed recalls.

You’re on the road and all of a sudden your engine dies, your brakes fail or when you need it most, your airbag doesn’t work. All reasons why every year cars are recalled, but in millions of cases those recalled cars are never fixed are sold to an unsuspecting buyer.